Our Hostel belongs to our Community

Our hostel is part of our Society.
We are running the hostel, not only to provide the accommodation and travel services for our guests, but we also want to contribute to social sustainability.
Our motto is ‘develop in a way which supports the community’s well-being and environment.’

Care our Community

For the society’s wellbeing, we care for our next generation.

There is a saying that, children are the growing seed of the national tree. Some of them have difficult circumstances in their lives, which encourages us to do something to support them.

On World AIDS day 2015, Seeyouatlilys hostel organised an event to raise fund for an orphanage near Hanoi.

We had a free beer event, and the hostel provided the beer and some snacks.  There was a suggested donation of 10,000 VND per beer, though many people donated more.  We were raising funds for an orphanage in Ba Vi, which we managed to contact through a not for profit called Wellbeing (https://wellbeing.com.vn/?lang=en).


Wellbeing gave short speech on the operation of the orphanage at the event, and the work that our donation would be going towards. We managed to drink 4 whole kegs, give away over 200 condoms and we raised just over 4 million dong for the orphanage.


The funds we raised were enough to cover the transport costs for volunteers from Hanoi to travel to the orphanage once a week for nearly a whole year. The volunteers give once-a-week English lessons.  Occasionally there are also music lessons arranged with a guitar group from Hanoi.


A representative of the hostel (Stu) travelled to the orphanage in January to present the funds to the project coordinator, members of the board of directors and see the children who live there.  The children are aged from infants to 17 or 18 years old.  They are usually orphaned due to parents having died of AIDS and HIV related issues or other family members not being able to care for them.  The children all attend local schools and have carers that live there and look after them.

Respect the Environment

The environment is one of the most concerning aspects of developing tourism sustainability. We are proud of this beautiful country & Vietnam’s spectacular nature. However, under the economic pressure, the environment is damaged and threatened more and more.

That’s why we decided to start reversing the trend by taking small but significant action.

In the city, one of the issues is plastic over-use. When you walk around the street in the old quarter, you may see plastic bags, plastic bottles, and food containers in every trash pile or rubbish bin.

we do not want to contribute to this problem and make the environment worse, so our Hostel has the policy of recycling all the plastic bottles and cans wherever possible.

We hope we can also spread this small action to other businesses or families in the old quarter to make our environment better for tourists to enjoy the time in the ancient city, which is facing a worsening pollution problem.

Ha Long Bay – The story not being told.

If mentioning about Ha Long Bay, what tourists know is that Ha Long Bay was one of the 7 Modern Wonders in the World, one of the place they should not miss out when they travel in Vietnam

If mentioned by the locals, what is more often discussed is about the water pollution in this pearl of the Tonkin Gulf.

If mentioned by Seeyouatlilys, we aspire to help Ha Long Bay return its natural beauty and spirit.

We desire to raise environmental awareness to both the boat companies and to our guests in order to protect the environment, especially on the Bay.

Let’s join with our Hostel to save the World Heritage!

Find out more about our CSR scheme and see how you want to help

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