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Find out all about Hanoi and around or share with us your time in Vietnam here

We are more than happy to share with you the interesting things to see, to do or just what is happening in and around Hanoi . You can also share with us your own favourite moments from your stay in Vietnam 🙂

Travel tips for Vietnam 2

We want to share some of our collective knowledge to help you travel easier. This is an ongoing series, enjoy the 5 travel tips that are below: Earplugs- super useful for all you dorm sleepers, and also great for long travel on bus and train rides (but please don't...

Travel tips for Vietnam

Vietnam travel tips I have lived here in Vietnam for nearly 4 years, and thought I would share some tips on how to conduct yourself when in Vietnam.  I notice people doing things that Vietnamese consider inappropriate a lot (and I used to/sometimes do too), so check...

The less visited Hanoi- discover a new Vietnamese Dish

Phở beyond the Bánh Mỳ Introduction So everyone has heard of Phở, and of Banh My, (indeed often we can find these back in our home countries) and most people discover Bun Cha when they are in Hanoi too (which we highly recommend if you have not tried it, and there are...

The less visited Hanoi – Duong Lam Village

Duong Lam- the latest in our ‘the less visited Hanoi’ series is a village 50km west of Hanoi, surrounded by verdant green rice fields and famous for a strong type of soy sauce. It is steeped in history, culture and legends. The buildings are classed as national heritage and the history goes back over 1,000 years. Two kings of Vietnam were from here. Read more to discover.

The less visited Hanoi – Thanh Chuong Viet Palace

Through this year we will look to feature some of the less common tourist spots in and around Hanoi, as there are a lot of hidden gems in and around the capital of Vietnam.  For this first instalment we are featuring Thanh Chuong Viet Palace. Thanh Chuong Viet palace...

The wonderful weekend getaway of Mai Chau- guest blog

After a few weeks in Hanoi me and my friend were looking for a weekend trip but where could we go? Van and Stu from See you at Lily's gave me a lot of good and honest advice about Mai Chau, so I decided to book a tour for 2 days 1 night! It takes about 4 hours to get...

Tet – Nouvel An Vietnamien

Le Vietnam se cale sur le calendrier lunaire et on y fête donc le Nouvel an un autre jour que le 1er janvier. En 2019, le réveillon a lieu le 4 fevrier et le Nouvel an le 5 fevrier. Tết (en entier Tết Nguyên Đán, la fête du 1er matin du 1er jour) est un moment très...

5 hidden charm spots in Hanoi

  1. Bat Trang (Bát Tràng) Pottery Village: When visiting Bat Trang, you can see many ceramic stores along the road in the village, and you can also visit Bat Trang Porcelain and Pottery Market where you can make pottery products yourself.
  2. Duong Lam (Đường Lâm) ancient Village: Nowadays, there are numerous ancient aspects maintained in Duong Lam village such as port village, trees, courtyard, temples, well, water fields…
  3. Ancient House in the Old Quarter: It is a replica, built the end of the 20th century, with typical architecture of ancient houses.
  4. Quang Ba (Quảng Bá) Night Flower market: Is the wholesale flower market with plenty of colourful and freshly picked flowers. This is also an amazing spot for a late night snack.
  5. Long Bien (Long Biên) bridge: the most special bridge with unique historic, architectural, and culture merits. It is the only bridge in Hanoi where all the motorbikes have to drive on the left hand side…

5 top bars in our view, check them out or share with us which other bars you like (:

  1.  Fat Cat Bar, 25 Ta Hien- amongst the throng of Bia hoi places this is a great small bar, good music, and shisha.  We recommend you sit upstairs on the half height floor, and lean over to order your drinks from the bar (don’t fall)!
  2. 3 Ma May, a bia Hoi corner, run by a lady called chi Ha.  About $0.30 a beer, with a cool mix of locals, expats and travellers.  Beer snacks available (don’t order the chicken cartilage by accident- ask for the English menu).
  3. Beer 2ku – 61 Lương Ngọc Quyến, We love this place mostly because they serve the local Vietnamese dark beer (Dai Viet Den).
  4. O’Leary’s – 38 Ba Trieu– a walk south of Hoan Kiem lake, it is a good spot for watching sports, screens wherever you look, and they can show most things you ask for (hurling included)!
  5. 1900 – Ta Hien, though we are not major fans of EDM the Vietnamese crowd here are always having fun and the place is always packed!

5 most special but secret specialty in Hanoi

  1. Banh com and Com (Bánh cốm, Cốm): Green Rice Flake Cake and Green sticky rice are the specialty in the autumn and remind everyone here about the ancient times of Hanoi.
  2. Bánh mì chảo (Bánh mì chảo): Try the fusion style of bread eaten with a hot plate of chips, pate, sausage and egg with very good tomato sauce!
  3. Coconut Ice cream: The ice cream served inside a Coconut with plenty of other things like cherries, dried coconut, fresh slices of coconut…
  4. Deep fried stuff: Tasty fried savoury doughnuts that can be dipped in fish sauce, with pickled papaya
  5. Bo Bia Ngot (Bò bía ngọt): Which does not originate from Ha Noi, but is etched in the memory of all of Hanoians from when they were children.