We want to share some of our collective knowledge to help you travel easier. This is an ongoing series, enjoy the 5 travel tips that are below:

Earplugs– super useful for all you dorm sleepers, and also great for long travel on bus and train rides (but please don’t miss your stop)! You (and unfortunately we) can’t guarantee a snore free dorm, so this stops that being a problem. We don’t go anywhere without some.

Sort your dong out– the Vietnamese currency (VND or Dong) can be confusing, so put it smallest to largest in your purse or wallet, so you don’t mix up the 500,000 ($21) with the 20,000 (<$1)! This is a common scam- to mix up 20 thousand with 500 thousand- therefore play it safe and put the bigger notes in a separate compartment to not show off your big dong (ahem) when you travel.

Travel with a bottle– more places in Vietnam are making drinkable water available (See you at Lily’s Hostel included), so travel with a sturdy metal bottle- it is great for our environment too as it reduces plastic bottle usage…
Some places may let you fill up for a few thousand dong if they do not have free water, it is always worth the ask to help save our planet.

Be early and adventurous for lunch– anywhere busy with locals is a sign of a great food- and it usually sells out fast. Vietnamese eat lunch from 11am. Therefore go early to Hanoi’s old quarter, or anywhere else you travel to in the country, and discover some amazing cuisine. The same ‘go early’ rule applies to breakfast and dinner, and it can be hard to find food later in the evening.

Also, check out our previous blog post on some of the dishes in Hanoi

VEGETARIANS- eat near a pagoda because they normally have a vegan restaurant near every pagoda (An chay=Vegetarian), and often more than one. There is a lot out there if you look beneath the surface so get out and explore.

Safe travels and om, and we will send some more tips your way soon.