After a few weeks in Hanoi me and my friend were looking for a weekend trip but where could we go?

Van and Stu from See you at Lily’s gave me a lot of good and honest advice about Mai Chau, so I decided to book a tour for 2 days 1 night!

It takes about 4 hours to get from Hanoi to Mai Chau. I was staying at the Mai Chau Homestay, which is included in the Tour.

Breathtaking! Beautiful and situated in the middle of the valley up on a hill so you have an amazing view of the rice paddies and surrounding mountains. A nice place to relax and enjoy life!

After lunch and some rest we all went riding with bicycles through the ethnic small villages. We saw a lot of rustic shops with unique items for sale. What I mean by “unique” is that each shop seemed to specialise in something slightly different.

In the evening we had a amazing barbecue, we ate so much but there was no end in sight! Steaming plates of spring rolls, Vietnamese stir-fry and other tasty treats were placed in front of us and there was such an abundance, we could not finish it all. After dinner in the evening, we watch a live performance of eight traditional dances, mostly White Thai and Hmong, and were invited with other guests to join in at the end. This includes a lot of rice wine!

The next morning we went to a cave, compared to the caves in phong nha this one is very small (ask See you at Lily’s about Phong Nha caves). Still it was amazing to see what mother nature can do. After the hard walk up to the cave (1200 steps) we went to the market and had lunch there!

We still had 2 hour of free time so we decided to rent a motorbike and visit some hidden waterfalls up in the mountain! I don’t have any pictures of it, but you will love it there. Alone next to an amazing waterfall!

All in all we had a amazing time and Mai Chau is the perfect getaway for the weekend!

Thanks to Nam Cao for writing this experience for us!