Back of the bike!

The main mode of transportation in Vietnam is most definitely the motorbike. All the staff at see you at Lily’s have (at least) one, and there are a registered 37 million bikes in Vietnam. They are used for everything, from a way to get the whole family around (the maximum I have seen is six student girls on one bike), a way to deliver things and to act as a mobile shop. We here are See you at Lily’s hostel are always on the look-out for a great picture of a laden moped, and below are some of our favourites.

He’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts

Mobile goldfish vendor- one of the more strange ‘back of the bike’ things we have seen.

There is a bike under those flowers somewhere.

We love the fact that the driver is holding on to the chairs too.  Health and safety is not as strict in Vietnam as it is in Europe & North America!

These dogs are on the way to market 🙁

This moped has Air conditioning, though in a box being delivered to a house….

The sight of orange trees whizzing along a Hanoi road is a common sight in the lead up to Tet (Vietnamese New Year), when everyone is preparing for the start of spring.

If you have seen something crazy/funny/insane on the back of a bike, please send us a pic and we’ll add it to the blog post.  Thanks for reading!