Despite sounding like a good name for a pub this is actually a post about cultural cosmetic trends in Vietnam.

“What is the long finger nail about?” is an oft asked question in See you at Lily’s hostel.  There is a trait among people of Vietnam to grow their little finger nail long.  This is to show that you are not someone who does manual labour, such as working in a field.  So it is a status thing.  This is the same underlying reason as to why people like white skin here (and lots of skincare products have added whitener).  The long finger nail seems (from See you at Lily’s fairly un-scientific view) a thing that is more popular with young men that have moved to Ha Noi from countryside areas, rather than from people who are from Ha Noi proper. It is also considered a sign of prosperity and intelligence if you grow it past the length of the other fingers, apparently.  Unfortunately from our observance it seems to be more applied to ear cleaning or nose picking, (eeuuww)!!


Check out the picture of the guy who has the longest fingernails in Vietnam!


There is another cosmetic trait that is common in Vietnam.  It is to have long hairs growing out of a mole.  This is considered lucky, for men and women alike, and especially if you have three hairs growing out of a mole (Marilyn Monroe missed out on the hairs in her beauty spot).


We just thought you might like to know!