A recent discussion in the chill out area of see you at lily’s hostel was about whether it is better travelling alone or with someone.  This week’s blog is dedicated to travelling solo

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first.

  • Being the only person in a 12 bed dorm. Every creak, every gust of wind makes you think someone is there, and you get the worst nights’ sleep ever.  Or someone does actually arrive and you are there, shaking in fear, wondering where in your bag the Swiss army knife from your granddad is, so you can defend yourself from what turns out to be a sweet 4’10” Filipina girl joining you!
  • Being in a dorm room with that weird, strange guy who is sure aliens exist, lacks personal hygiene and is adamant that the FBI have been tracking him for years because he stole some Cheetos from an airport shop in 2009. He then asks you for your facebook contact (awks)!
  • If you want a private room, it costs more than if you split it with a friend (the solo tax*), (the blog is not all room related, honest)!
  • You mum is way more worried about you…
  • Eating alone- it is shit. You order too much, or just look lonely and phone obsessed (because the phone is our friend).  This only lasts for 10 minutes though, as with no one to talk to you eat way quicker.  Eat street food on the go, it looks way better, even when you get sauce down you!
  • You take a lot of photos of your arm (classic selfie pose)!
Scared In Bed

Scared In Bed

The good stuff

  • You get to decide what you want to do. Want to sit on a beach until you use an entire charge of your kindle reading books, do it! Want to drink your own weight in rice wine at 10am, crack on! (p.s. this is not recommended).  You are responsible only for yourself, so have as much fun as you can, there is no need for compromise.
  • You travel on with people you meet for a bit, and when it is time to go solo again you part ways.
  • You don’t have to accept responsibility for anyone else. You don’t have to be in charge and then be blamed if things go wrong (someone actually said travelling with someone can be like marriage without the sex)!
  • If you are the only tourist in town, it makes you go and join some locals, play charades to act out everything you want to say, and have an amazing experience creating heart to heart bonds with people.
  • You are outside of your comfort zone, a lot of the time. This is a wonderfully good thing.  It means you grow as a person.  You need to be the one to strike up a conversation in the dorm, or ask who wants to go for dinner, you are the one who needs to go first off the bungee, as you don’t know anyone else well enough to convince them to go first.  You also learn to enjoy your own company, be at one with your thoughts.  Expanding your comfort zone is one of the most rewarding aspects of travelling!

We at see you at Lily’s think travelling solo is fantastic, so please come and ask us for any suggestions on travel, on how to keep costs down when planning your Vietnam experience and also where is good to eat (solo or otherwise) while you are in Hanoi and Vietnam.  Also our dorm rooms are never empty, so there is always someone to meet at see you at Lily’s!


*We have arranged with our partners for many tours to be available for you to share with someone you don’t know, so you can keep the cost of your ha long bay, Sapa, Mai Chau or another trip low ;- )